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Pump Pump Floor Cleaner

RM 138.00 MYR
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Is your furkid eating food off the floor? Are you worried that he/she might be ingesting harmful chemicals?

This revolutionary, chemical free floor cleaner is made just for you! 

Using Japanese technology that removes 99.9% bacteria, germs and viruses without chemicals, alcohol or surfactants. Pump Pump Floor Cleaner is 100% safe for babies and pets.

Highly recommended for pets with sensitive skin. 100% safe for babies and pets 🐢🐱🐹🐰

  1. Made with 100% safe and natural ingredient
  2. Foam-less & scent-less
  3. Rinse free
  4. Disinfect surfaces & removes stains effectively
  5. Leave no residues
  6. Environmental friendly

Made in Singapore

Ingredient: 100% Electrolyzed Water 

Available in 1900ml or 4000ml 

Storage: Keep out of direct sunlight

Best before 24 months after opening

How to Use


1) Mix 50ml of Pump Pump Floor Cleaner with every 1000ml of water

2) Mop and leave to dry, no-rinse needed

*1 pump = 5 ml (estimated)

3) For stubborn stains:

Do not dilute, apply directly on to the surface and wipe with cloth

Suitable for all types of floor surfaces


Witness how did we test how effective is Pump Pump Floor Cleaner in removing dirt, bacteria and viruses from our floors at home. 

YouTube URL : https://youtu.be/zAwErOZZ95s

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